Comment on AQB Proposes Alternative to College Degree Requirement by B Street

While I was in support of the education requirement at the time, this LR lost my FHA business, 8 years of training and education down the drain. With over 20 years of residential experience under my belt, I have reviewed many reports over the years and I see good reports from all licenses but I also see bad reports from all licenses. Our reports need to be reviewed by our peers for competency. With my lack of college, I might use to instead of too and would need to work on that aspect but I also see reports without any commentary or reports which are in direct violation of USPAP. As for those complaining about fees, how is it fair to my business if I have lower costs and can complete the assignment at a lower fee than you? If you do not like the fees in the residential market work on the commercial side. Education requirements do not make an appraiser, years in the field do. Like my FHA business, I can see a day when my LR license will no longer be adequate without any consideration given to the fact that I have over 20 years in the business and have tried to better my skills and report writing each year.

Source: Working RE Magazine