NexLevel Advisors’ Michael Hammond to speak at in June

Ample growth comes from within for many companies, but an outside source can be a game-changer for marketing and business strategies. As president and founder of NexLevel Advisors, Michael Hammond has focused on driving solutions for businesses and their housing clients for over a decade.

The strategic advisory firm has helped numerous mortgage tech companies bring innovation to the market­ – with Hammond spearheading many of those projects. That’s why we’ve invited the seasoned technology executive to June’s virtual summit, which is focusing on the “Agile Marketer.” Hammond will discuss the changes he made to his business approach after attending last year’s event, and the impact of those changes.

An entrepreneur and business leader, Hammond has extensive experience in financial services and mortgage banking. He held prior executive positions such as CEO, CMO, VP of business strategy, director of sales and marketing and director of marketing for leading mortgage technology providers. Hammond is also currently the chairman of the board for Catholic Vantage Financial, and CSO of the advisory board for PROGRESS in Lending Association.

For almost 20 years, Hammond has assisted mortgage technology clients in winning more than 34 industry awards and recognition from more than 100 publications. Hammond has also secured more than 20 speaking engagements for clients, while significantly increasing their sales volumes and helping grow their social media presence and engagement.

In 2019, Hammond was selected as one of HousingWire’s Tech Trendsetters thanks to his digital insight and leadership. He is also one of only 60 individuals to earn the prestigious Certified Mortgage Technologist designation, presented by the Mortgage Bankers Association.

Hammond is one of many marketing gurus we have lined up at on June 11-12, including Jake Fehling, Sarah DeCiantis, Bobbi Howe, Barbara Yolles, Rick Arvielo, Chelsea Peitz, Alec Hanson, Brian Covey, Cindy McGovern, Kevin Peranio, Haley Parker and many more. Register here.

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