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Our appraisal services are designed to meet all your lending needs, no matter the situation. At Equity, we manage the entire appraisal process from end to end, providing residential, commercial and alternative products in all 50 states.

Appraisal Management Services

Equity Solutions provides all types of solutions that give our clients an advantage when it comes to the appraisal process. Our goal is to create a partnership where you are well informed and connected throughout the appraisal process.
  • First class customer service
  • Designated team members to support and manage your needs
  • Online status updates available 24/7 with order status emailed directly to you
  • Staff comprised of current/former mortgage and appraisal industry professionals
  • 100% of all appraisals get manual QC
  • We eliminate many of the compliance challenges
  • Integration capabilities
  • Simple and clear appeal process
  • A.I.R Compliant

Traditional Products


Equity Solutions offers a complete suite of Traditional Products!

All products are available in:

  • Conventional
  • FHA or USDA (where applicable)
  • 1004 Single Family URAR
  • 1004 Complex/Jumbo
  • 1004 Homestyle Renovation
  • 1004C Manufactured Homes
  • 1004D Completion Reports & Updates
  • 1025 Multi-Family
  • 1073 Condominiums 1073
  • 1004 Desktops
  • 1007 Rent Schedule (Long & Short-Term)
  • 216 Operating Income Statements
  • 2006 Short Form Desk Reviews
  • 2055 Drive-By
  • 2090 Co-Ops & Land Appraisals.
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Modern Valuations


Equity Solutions offers a complete suite of Modern Valuation!

All products are available in:

  • 1004 Hybrid/70H
  • Property Data Collection reports – both Exterior and Interior and Floor Plan
  • Standalone AVMs
  • AVM Navigators (which include a physical inspection) & EQ Desktops.
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Commercial Appraisal


Equity Solutions also offers a wide variety of commercial services. Our appraisal management company has over 20 years of experience appraising a variety of commercial properties. We can provide appraisal services for an office building, multi-family home, agricultural property, and more. And we can do it all at a reasonable price. Contact us today to get started.

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“I signed up an amazing AMC.”
“Equity Solutions. Gary Hale is the rep. I ordered 2 appraisals from them and both times they scheduled with the realtor in 1 day and got the report in 7 days with no rush fee. I was very impressed, and I expect to use them again. Gary makes great cookies btw and he stays on top of his business.

Mortgage Connextions LPPresident

"Timely response, answered all my questions and were very professional."

Anthony Pollicella

Equity Solutions is our go-to AMC! I love the service level that they are able to provide. If we ever run into any issues we can always count on them to get things resolved for us. I would highly recommend using their service if you like great turn times and great service.

Charles Riepenhoff

I have used Equity Solutions USA numerous times as my mortgage banker uses them. They are their go to appraisal company. We have always had a 5 star experience.
They are very professional, fast and easy to work with. We had to reschedule the inspection twice and they were great and truly bent over backwards to accommodate us and came out on a weekend. I would highly recommend Equity Solutions USA.

Kari Pro

I have been using this company as my preferred Appraisal Management Company since 2008 and it is always a good experience. Exceptional customer service, great communication, courteous and professional to deal with on all levels, especially in the rare instance of any problems. HIGHLY recommend Equity Solutions USA.

Suzanne Cavanaugh

I love dealing with Equity Solutions. Their biggest attribute is when there is a problem. They deal with it immediately. I usually deal with James Waldrop (he is the best) but anyone over there can help. I highly recommend them!

Brian Homeszyn

"My experience with you on this property was exceptional. The user-friendly website, the constant communication keeping us in the loop and the speed at which we made it from start to finish set the bar high for others."

Becky MaderLoan Processor at Intro Lend